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CSA Z94.3 Standard

Who is the Canadian Safety Association and what does Z94.3 standard mean?



The Canadian Safety Association (CSA) is a standards organization whose mission is to enhance the lives of Canadians with the advancement of safety standards in the public and private sectors through research, development, education, and advocacy. 

The Z94.3 standard relates to Eye and Face Protector’s compliance for industrial and educational processes. Hazards covered by this standard include, flying particles / objects, heat sparks, chemical splashes, molten metal, airborne droplets, and visible and infrared radiation.

For any safety glasses to meet CSA Safety Standards, they must meet exact criteria for which materials can be used and how they are manufactured. It must also pass the Impact Resistance test, consisting of a 46-gram steel ball hitting the lens surface  at an impact velocity of 46 meters per second.

The test is simple. If the lens breaks, chips, shatters, or cracks, it fails. 

The following videos will show the differences in how a fully compliant CSA lens fair comparing to regular prescription glass and plastic lenses against the Impact Resistance test.

Safety Lens

CSA Compliant

Plastic Lens

Non-CSA Compliant

Glass Lens

Non-CSA Compliant

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