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Companies should take every precaution possible to protect employees' eyes and prevent the emotional and financial hardships associated with serious eye injuries.

Whether you are a manager, supervisor or coordinator, you are a safety advocate for your company. Having a prescription safety eyewear program helps show employees that your company wants to provide a safe and secure working environment, especially since 90% of all eye injuries are preventable with the use of safety eye wear.

It is important that you lay down proper policies in place for eye safety, but this can be extremely daunting when you may not understand specific optical products and the necessary compliances.

Go Safety Vision Inc. can manage your safety eyewear program on your behalf whilst at the same time giving you a cost-effective solution to ensure all your employee's safety glasses are fully compliant to, or exceeds National CSA & ANSI Safety Standards.

We are able to serve all types of businesses; from single location companies of any size to companies with multiple divisions in many locations.

We offer customized vision plans to meet your company's needs. In a consultation with our Go Safety Vision Inc. experts, you can determine a level of contribution that meets your company's budget. Our streamlined online ordering system allows you to save time and resources since we take care of all the administration on your behalf.

Where other companies may have limitations, additional fees or simply little choice, Go Safety Vision Inc. provides prescription safety eyewear to fill a critical gap in your safety program.

Go Safety Vision Inc. believes in helping you protect your workers eye safety and assisting you in creating the right prescription safety eyewear program for your company via our online program.

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